TRIUMF Tier-1 Recipes
Topic: Build Environment
In this area you will find information on building and managing software for the data centre.

CreatedLast Modified#Subject   
Jul 28 2015Aug 11 2015246Basic General Git Usage 
Nov 19 2008Aug 12 201533Building RPMs as a non-privileged user 
Aug 11 2015Sep 08 2015249Introduction to Build Environment 
Aug 11 2015Oct 14 2015248Introduction to git for Tier-1 users 
May 29 2015Aug 13 2015243New user setup on build host 
Jul 31 2015Jul 31 2015247Populating the mirror with RPMs 
Jun 30 2010May 29 2015109Using CVS from a shared account 
Jun 28 2010May 29 2015108Using CVS in the Tier-1 Centre 

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