TRIUMF Tier-1 Recipes
Topic: User Support
Various Tier-1 user issues are noted in this section.

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Date Created#Subject   
Dec 10 2013201Dial-in information for Tuesday meetings 
Oct 31 2018323External access to SFU-WTB 
Jul 07 2010112How to interpret rrd info 
Aug 27 2010124How to use rrd conversion tools 
Aug 20 2010120How to use the gridusers script 
Aug 20 2010121How to use the ipsearch script 
Sep 29 20087Pointers for new Tier-1 Staff 
Apr 29 200964Setting up a host to generate Globus grid certific ... 
May 28 200975Setting up FreeNX service on your desktop 
Sep 30 200993Solaris / Linux user issues 
Jun 24 2014220Tunneling nxclient via Westgrid 
Jan 07 200942User setup pointers on Tier-1 Dell Mini Inspiron 
May 29 200976Using our local firefox/java tarball 

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